Hi, have you met Viro?

Ten years ago, I was just a college graduate with absolutely no experience in the design market. When LCC vins et spiritueux hired me, I was excited to be part of a wonderful team. Time rushed by very quickly and here I am with 10 years of experience in graphic art in the wine and spirit industry.

Today, I juggle some contracts I take as a freelancer and my daytime job. 


Graphic designer

The Arrowhead Arete, Yosemite

favourite tools

700 ft.

Special skills

37°43'42.9"N 119°38'09.9"W

Anything is possible.



I won my first competition back in 2010 at the Mountain West Regional Championships held at Moab, Utah. Sending a 5.13a sport route in a single attempt earned me first place in the Men’s division. Before then, I’d received 1st and 2nd place at a few youth competitions. 2010 was my entry into the big leagues. A couple months after Moab, Utah, I traveled to El Paso, TX for the National Championships. I got second place by sending a 5.13c sport route in two attempts.

In 2012, I won first place in the Nationals held at Acadia National Park, Maine by flashing a V12 bouldering problem. It was my first time visiting the East Coast and I was glad to have been used to Jackson Hole’s more humid weather. I think that gave me an advantage that climbers from drier regions didn’t have. In 2015 I entered my first international competition in Cochamó, Patagonia, Chile. I didn’t place, but plan to for the 2016 championship in Krabi, Thailand.